Funding success

The project has been awarded £14,900 to fund a major international workshop at Leeds in March 2016. The International Research Collaboration (IRCA) award was granted by the International Networks & Collaborations office at Leeds in association with the World Universities Network of which Leeds is a member. The money allows us to welcome participants from four continents, and we are very grateful to those colleagues who have committed to the workshop and supported the application and development of the project:

  • University of Cambridge: Prof Robert S.C. Gordon, Co-investigator
  • University of Bedfordshire: Dr. Austin Fisher, Co-investigator
  • University of Bristol: Dr Catherine O’Rawe, Co-investigator
  • University of Auckland: Prof Bernadette Luciano
  • University of Mumbai: Prof Shoba Ghosh
  • Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles: Prof Aine O’Healy
  • University of Roma III: Profs Christian Uva and Vito Zagarrio
  • University of Bologna: Profs Giacomo Manzoli and Claudio Bisoni; Drs Paolo Noto and Dom Holdaway
  • Victoria University of Wellington (NZ): Prof Giacomo Lichtner
  • Monash University, Melbourne: Prof Susanna Scarparo
  • Universita’ della Svizzera italiana: Dr Marco Cucco
  • Università degli Studi ‘G. D’Annunzio’, Chieti-Pescara: Dr Fabio Andreazza
  • Univerity of Padova: Barbara Corsi