#ICIH at the University of Sassari

I was kindly invited by Lucia Cardone to spend two weeks in October 2014 as a visiting professor at the University of Sassari (Sardinia).

Lecture series poster

Poster by Emma Gobbato

My stay involved a short course of public lectures entitled ‘Visit da fuori’. These were followed by a closing discussion chaired by Lucia with myself, scholar of literature and renowned critic Massimo Onofri, students and public. Two of the lectures were devoted to the Italian Cinemas/Italian histories project (the other was a summary of my work on the Italian Christmas film), and each lecture was preceded by a film screening.

The first of the two was a critical survey of some approaches to film and history (especially the work of Robert Rosenstone and Robert burgoyne) and built on material here and here. We showed the middlebrow heritage drama Tea With Mussolini (Franco Zeffirelli, 1999).

The second was devoted to the classic of political cinema La battaglia d’Algeri (The Battle of Algiers, Gillo Pontecorvo, 1966), based on material here and on a book proposal I’ve been working on for a monographic study of the film.

Thanks to Lucia Cardone, Emma Gobbato and Sara Filippelli for the invitation and hospitality. Lucia and Sara also organised the very interesting conference ‘Filmare il femminismo‘ which I was able to attend during my stay.