#ICIHLeeds – International workshop

A major project workshop takes place on the 22-23 March in Leeds, with participants from as far away as India, the United States and New Zealand.

The purpose of the workshop is to clarify research priorities and methods with regard to Italian cinema and history and cinema and history more broadly. The workshop is intended to feed into a large funding bid to the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Sessions will feature short position papers (10-12 minutes each) followed by comment from a respondent and then open discussion.

See here for participant details


DAY 1-Tuesday, 22 March

10:00 Introduction to #ICIH project  

  • Alan O’Leary – Project rationale, research questions, strands and methodologies
  • Response by co-investigators: Austin Fisher, Robert Gordon, Catherine O’Rawe

11:15 Defining historical cinema/Identifying historical films

Chair: Robert Gordon

  • Hamilton Carroll – Screening Combat and Historicizing the Present in the Forever Wars
  • David Eldridge – Defining the historical film
  • Giacomo Lichtner – ‘This Simple Ribbon of Imprinted Celluloid’: Reflections on the Double Historicity of Film
  • Áine O’Healy – Contemporary cinema and processes of historicization

Respondent: Fabio Andreazza

14:00 Studying (Italian) historical films: issues and approaches (1)

Chair: Susanna Scarparo

  • Ivo Blom – Intermediality: Historical Painting/Historical Cinema
  • Mark Goodall – History, Paracinema and the Mondo film
  • Marco Cucco – Lo studio (storico) dell’economia del cinema in Italia
  • Paolo Noto – Industry

Respondent: Christian Uva

16:00 Keynote talk

Ruth Ben-Ghiat – The Weight of History in the Italian Cinema

Chair and respondent: Giacomo Lichtner

17:30-19:00 Book presentations

  • Giacomo Lichtner, Fascism in Italian Cinema Since 1945: The Politics and Aesthetics of Memory (Palgrave Macmillan 2013). Presented by Robert Gordon
  • Bernadette Luciano and Susanna Scarparo, Reframing Italy: New Trends in Italian Women’s Filmmaking (Purdue, 2013). Presented by Áine O’Healy
  • Catherine O’Rawe, Stars and Masculinities in Contemporary Italian Cinema (Palgrave, 2014); Catherine O’Rawe and Jacqueline Reich, Divi: La mascolinità nel cinema italiano (Donzelli, 2015). Presented by Alan O’Leary
  • Christian Uva, L’immagine politica (Mimesis, 2015). Presented by Paolo Noto

Day 2-Wednesday, 23 March

9:30 Public engagement: #ICIH, non-academic partners and ‘pathways to impact’

Chair: Alan O’Leary

Participants: Marie Andersen, Bogdan Babych, Wendy Cook, Austin Fisher, Esther Harper, Peter Langdale, Jo Nockels, Deborah Parker

11:15 Studying (Italian) historical films: issues and approaches (2)

Chair: Shoba Ghosh

  • Austin Fisher – Historical Perspectives on the Transnational Dimensions of Italian Westerns
  • Dom Holdaway – Impegno and socially legitimate cinema
  • Catherine O’Rawe – ‘Lightweight’ forms (The ‘returning soldier’ film)
  • Susanna Scarparo – Gender

Respondent: Giacomo Manzoli

14:00 Methodologies and approaches

Chair: Austin Fisher

  • Bernadette Luciano – Found footage
  • Alan O’Leary – Viewing and Listening at a Distance
  • Dana Renga – History and the ‘Quality Film’
  • Christian Uva – L’anacronismo e la software culture
  • Vito Zagarrio – ‘Il filo e le tracce’: Where to Find Another History

Respondent: Robert Gordon

16:00 Final roundtable and discussion

Chair: Alan O’Leary

Participants: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, David Eldridge, Shoba Ghosh, Peter Langdale, Giacomo Manzoli, Jo Nockels

The workshop has been generously supported by grants from the University of Leeds Internationalization Fund and from the Strategic Research Development Fund of the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies.