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The Battle of Algiers (Mimesis International, 2019).

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Focusing on Italy as a case study that is both emblematic and anomalous, the articles in this special issue investigate how Italy’s cinema has contributed and responded to the nation’s struggle to construct a shared narrative of its modern history. The Italian case can be seen on the one hand as emblematic because much Italian cinema has made effective and widespread use of stereotype to construct sanitised and homogeneous narratives of national identity. On the other hand, it can be seen as anomalous because within that narrative coexist multiple and often contradictory strands. In other words, while every nation’s history is contested, Italy’s inability to weave from these strands a nuanced collective narrative of its recent past suggests that the peculiarity of Italian ‘memory’ lies in the coexistence of ‘divided memories’ (Foot, 2009). Italian cinema, we argue, reflects and contributes to precisely this duality – or, at least, to the perception of such a duality.


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