Videoessay on temporalities in The Battle of Algiers

This videoessay, begun at the Middlebury workshop on videographic criticism in June 2018, is concerned with temporalities in the influential political/historical film The Battle of Algiers (Italy/Algeria, 1966, dir. Gillo Pontecorvo). Apart from credits and intertitles and two brief explanatory phrases, the essay uses only sounds and images from the film itself. The essay presents nine distinct (though also related) orders or dimensions of time in sections that vary in form, rhythm and length. This list of temporalities does not pretend to be exhaustive, but the variety signals something of the complexity of the film and the essay’s brevity is intended to communicate in a concise manner a sense of the invigorating pace of the original.

Videoessays, such as this one by project co-I Austin Fisher, are intended to be central to the research and outputs of the project recorded on this website.